Investing in an Uncertain Economy For Dummies

雪儿·加勒特 Sheryl Garrett
傻瓜书之非常经济环境下投资法(Investing in an Uncertain Economy For Dummies)简介:

Protect and strengthen your financial holdings during troubled economic times

Want to make the right investment decisions in an uncertain market? This concise, practical guide gives you smart, actionable strategies for saving your money and meeting both your short- and long-term financial goals. You'll see how to safely accumulate wealth, consolidate and protect gains, and make the best investment allocations in troubling times.

  • Get your finances in shape — manage debt, assess your insurance, improve your credit score, and create a safety net

  • Understand investment vehicles and accounts — from money markets and annuities to mutual and exchange-traded funds to stocks, bonds, commodities, IRAs, and more

  • Make effective asset allocation decisions — know your risk tolerance, diversify your holdings, and rebalance your assets

  • Save for retirement — provide for potential long-term care expenses, allocate your assets, and minimize your portfolio risk

  • Live on your investment earnings — make Social Security work for you, get the most from your pension, take stock of your IRAs, use your taxable investments, and more

  • Take care of others — help adult children or elderly parents with large expenses and see how to preserve your assets to pass on to your heirs

Open the book and find:

  • 80 strategies from top independent financial advisors

  • Focused, individualized investment strategies that work during the good times and the bad

  • Guidance on building a conservative, moderate, or aggressive portfolio

  • Ways to reduce your investment risk

  • Advice on rebalancing your assets

  • Tips for acquiring undervalued investments

  • Methods to make your money last throughout your retirement, even in the face of economic turmoil



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  • 傻瓜书之非常经济环境下投资法 Investing in an Uncertain Economy For Dummies