Frommer’s Turkey 5th Edition

Frommer’s 土耳其 第5版
林恩·莱文 Lynn Levine
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Frommer’s 土耳其 第5版(Frommer’s Turkey 5th Edition)简介:

Turkey's Ministry of Culture and Tourism predicts that tourism in 2007 will grow 8% over the prior year. Turkey will have a projected 20 million foreign visitors in 2007.

Frommer's Turkey, 5th Edition explores the highlights of a country that is an amazing and diverse treasure trove of architectural styles and ancient ruins. You'll learn how to navigate the chaotic bustle of Istanbul, buy a rug and get the best deal, find the best undiscovered ruins, and learn the ins and outs of getting a Turkish bath. Readers also get language and etiquette tips, exact prices and directions, logistical advice, detailed two-color maps, and much more.



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  • Frommer’s 土耳其 第5版 Frommer’s Turkey 5th Edition