Principles of Macroeconomics

约瑟夫·G·奈利斯 Joseph G. Nellis
宏观经济学原理(Principles of Macroeconomics)简介:
Building on the success of The Principles of Business Economics and The Essence of the Economy by the same authors, this new text provides comprehensive coverage of the core principles of macroeconomics and explains how these macroeconomic concepts relate to government policy-making and the implications for the business environment. nbsp; User friendly, jargon-free and comprehensive in its approach, this book provides an in-depth analysis and explanation of macroeconomic theory and practice. The book illustrates how developments in the wider economy impact on government, business and consumers. It identifies the various policy options open to governments in their efforts to manage the economy and why different governments adopt different policies. Clear and concise principles are presented with respect to fiscal policy, monetary policy, supply-side policy, trade and exchange rate policies. It provides a clear understanding of the dynamics within the economy ndash; explaining, for example, what happens when interest rates go up or the exchange rate depreciates. nbsp; Features nbsp; Applied approach to the subject of macroeconomics. Accessible - technical jargon and mathematical treatment are kept to a minimum and discussion is supported by clear graphical analyses. The very latest developments in macroeconomics and the international macroeconomic environment are included. Integrated applications in each chapter reinforce and test the reader's understanding of key concepts. Topics for discussion in each chapter stimulate thinking and encourage the practical application of the subject. A detailed glossary is included at the end of the book for easy reference. Excellent pedagogy with Aims and learning outcomes; Key learning points; Application boxes, andnbsp;Topics for discussion included in each chapter. A downloadable web supplement is available for lecturers at This includes guidance notes on answering the Topics for discussion in each chapter and PowerPoints to support the book.Principles of Macroeconomics is aimed at core courses in macroeconomics for MBA and MSc students, and undergraduate students taking business studies and economics degrees and those studying economics as part of a professional qualification. Joseph G. Nellis is Professor of International Management Economics at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University. David Parker is Professor of Business Economics and Strategy at Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University.



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