iPhone Application Development For Dummies

尼尔·戈尔茨坦 Neal Goldstein
傻瓜书之iPhone应用程序开发(iPhone Application Development For Dummies)简介:

Making Everything Easier!

With iPhone? Application Development for Dummies, Second Edition, you'll learn to:


  • Design small- or large-scale iPhone applications for profit or fun
  • Create new iPhone apps using Xcode?
  • Get your applications into the App Store
  • Work with frameworks

Got a good idea? Turn it into an app, have some fun, and pick up some cash!

Make the most of the new 3.1 OS and Apple's Xcode 3.2! Neal Goldstein shows you how, and even illustrates the process with one of his own apps that's currently being sold. Even if you're not a programming pro, you can turn your bright idea into an app you can market, and Neal even shows you how to get it into the App Store!


  • Mobile is different ? learn what makes a great app for mobile devices and how an iPhone app is structured
  • What you need ? download the free Software Development Kit, start using Xcode, and become an "official" iPhone developer
  • The nitty-gritty ? get the hang of frameworks and iPhone architecture
  • Get busy with apps ? discover how to make Xcode work for you to support app development
  • Off to the store ? get valuable advice on getting your apps into the App Store
  • Want to go further? ? explore what goes into industrial-strength apps

Open the book and find:


  • What it takes to become a registered Apple developer
  • How to debug your app
  • What's new in iPhone 3.1 and Xcode 3.2
  • What goes into a good interface for a small device
  • How applications work in the iPhone environment
  • Why you must think like a user
  • What the App Store expects of you
  • What makes a great iPhone app

Visit the companion Web site at www.dummies.com/go/iphoneappdevfd2e for source code and additional information on iPhone app development.



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