Financial Intimacy

雅凯特·M·蒂蒙斯 Jacquette M. Timmons
财务的亲近(Financial Intimacy)简介:

Concerned that her friends—college educated, savvy and otherwise smart professional women—were not honestly discussing their financial situations with their partners, Timmons, founder of an investment firm, explores the reasons for their reluctance and how it can be a ticking time bomb in a relationship. She interviews a wide spectrum of women, 17 of whom are spotlighted in the book; her subjects are single, divorced, widowed, straight and gay—and share in their anxiety and inability to come clean about their finances and discuss money with their partners in sufficient detail and depth. Written as a combination of how come and how to, Timmons deals firmly with the Prince Charming Effect, urging women to develop good financial habits without expecting a man to care for them. These tips, along with thoughtful discussion questions, will encourage women to think more carefully about taking control—and Timmons's firm, encouraging tone will help them learn to communicate about a subject that is too frequently—and foolishly—considered taboo. (Oct.)



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  • 财务的亲近 Financial Intimacy