The Handbook of Service Industries

约翰·R·布莱森和彼得·W·丹尼尔斯 John R. Bryson and Peter W. Daniels
服务业手册(The Handbook of Service Industries)简介:
`It contains an impressive array of important and useful material that should be familiar to anyone interested in economic growth and change. . . the potential value to be gained from these collected works is great.'
- James E. Pratt, Growth and Change
Service activities are now acknowledged as key players in economic development, societal change and public policy worldwide. This exciting Handbook not only contributes to ongoing conceptual debates about the nature of service-led economies and societies; it also pushes back the frontiers of current critical thinking about the role of service activities in urban and regional development and the important research agendas that remain to be addressed.

Drawing on both theory and case studies, the contributors are international experts who have written original and stimulating chapters from a number of different disciplinary perspectives. Each chapter seeks to raise awareness of, and to provoke debates about, the opportunities and challenges presented by the shift to service employment.

Providing a truly interdisciplinary analysis, The Handbook of Service Industries will be invaluable to scholars specializing in services research, as well as students and researchers in the areas of economics, geography, business and management, sociology, public policy and planning. The policy-making community will also find the Handbook a relevant and useful resource.



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  • 服务业手册 The Handbook of Service Industries